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Metal Stitching

As parts for older vehicles become increasingly scarce, the ability to repair cast or forged items such as cylinder heads, cylinder blocks and other ancillary parts becomes vital.

JSWL are distributors of Lock-N-Stitch supplies and offer a repair service for components large and small. Using well-practised techniques, it is even possible to stitch between the combustion chambers on a small cylinder head and bad cast-iron welding can be corrected with an almost invisible repair.

The results are inevitably cost effective when compared to the expense of manufacturing new components.

For more information on our Lock-N-Stitch repair service or to discuss this technique, please contact us.

Cast head showing crack damage before a Lock & Stitch repair. Head during the repair process.
Repaired head. Cast iron casing showing crack damage.
Cleaned-up casing showing full extent of damage. Stitches being inserted in casing during repair.
More stitches. 'Good-as-new' casing after repair.

Before and after photographs of Lock-N-Stitch repairs. (Click photos to enlarge.)