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Welcome to the Jim Stokes Workshop Group Ltd

Jim Stokes Workshops Ltd. has over 40 years experience in the restoration, re-creation and re-design of historic cars. The Group has built a worldwide reputation with a stunning portfolio of work on such models as the 8C 2.3 Alfa Romeo, 1750 Alfa Romeo, Lancia-Ferrari D50, Lancia D24, Lancia Aurelia and 156 'Sharknose'. The Group manufactures new cylinder heads, blocks and ancillary components from historic designs.

Lancia D50 engine
Alfa Romeo Tipo 158 Alfetta
Lancia D50
Hispano Rolls
Ferrari 156 "Sharknose"
Ferrari 156 "Sharknose"

The Group:


Jim Stokes Workshops Ltd. is the original company, founded forty years ago by Jim & Hilary Stokes for the restoration and re-creation of historic cars. 


Triple-M Manufacturing

Triple-M is the manufacturing arm of the Jim Stokes Group, specialising in the production of one-offs or batches of better-than-new engine and ancillary components.


Classics by JSWL

A new, dynamic organisation specifically dedicated for the classic car owner and enthusiast



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