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Classics by JSWL

The JSWL Group are now proud to announce a new company, Classics by JSWL, to service, repair and pamper your classic car. No job is too big or too small. You know you can guarantee the standards and the finish but what might surprise you are the costs. Classics by JSWL has been established to offer an expert service at affordable prices. Just because we have an international reputation is not a licence to charge inflated prices. We cater for the grass roots enthusiast whose MG, Morgan, Triumph etc. are just as important to him/her as the owner of a several million pound historic racing car. Not only can we offer repairs and servicing but if required we can call on our many respected proven suppliers and contacts for any other requirements you may have. For example upholstery, trimming, bodywork and painting. Classics by JSWL can call upon the Group for any required back up facilities.

Our unit in Havant, Hampshire has been equipped with the latest environmentally friendly facilities, a 4-post lift, and a full range of spares, filters and oils etc. to provide a fast service. A small transporter is available for collection/delivery if required.

Apart from the mechanical aspect we hope our premises will be of interest to all enthusiasts and Club members. We have a kitchen area, meeting room and memorabilia collection which is both for display and for sale.

Classics by JSWL is a new, dedicated, dynamic organisation specifically for the classic car owner and enthusiast.

We look forward to your contact, feed back and satisfaction.